Babylonia no Shishi


Title: Babylonia no Shishi (バビロニアの獅子)
English Title: The Lion of Babylonia
Creator: Higuri You
Length: 4 Volumes
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , , ,

Sin and Leona are childhood friends – she has always been fascinated with the mysteries of the ancient Near East, and he has always been fascinated with her, to the point where he is ready to follow her thousands of years in the past, to the days of the Kingdom of Babylonia, where she has a very special part to play…


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  • Volume 02 Chapter 005 – Translated
  • Volume 02 Chapter 006 – Translated
  • Volume 02 Chapter 007 – Translated
  • Volume 02 Chapter 008 – Translated
  • Volume 03 Chapter 009 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 010 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 011 – Being Scanned
  • Volume 03 Chapter 012 – Being Scanned

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TT^TT I wanna help clean or typeset this project…. I just got done reading the first chapter and I seriously wanted to read chapter 2 but it says being edited above.

wow, this is awesome! thanks so much for scanlating the series <3

Ho~ I love this type of genre! Gotta watch! XD

Thank you so much for picking up this project.
I never believed that I would see this manga translated.Thanks again guys….

looks like this story may be a winner.

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