Akuma no Puzzle


Akuma no Puzzle
Title: Akuma no Puzzle
Creator: Hagio Akira
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Kanna’s everyday routine includes being spoiled like a real princess by her childhood friend Ritsu who lives in the same mansion. But one night, when the two of them are walking alone outside, a demon espcing to the worlld of humans possesses Ritsu! he is completely transformed by the invading demon, puzzling everyone around him and most of all – Kanna.

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Thank you very much for your hard work and sharing this wonderful series!!

thanks so much for the releases!
aww i love it <3

looks tasty! thank you for your hard work <3


just found this one out from one of the manga-reading websites out there… seems interesting since you guys picked it up.. so instead of reading the series off the website, it’s much better to download it from you guys.. can zip through the pages without having to wait for broken pics to reload :p ..way to go AE staffs!! cheers!! keep up the good work!

interesting one shots…I like this! thank you for the releases!

i really can’t wait for it to be released…
just seeing it’s cover, i already can’t stop myself to grin..

The cover already got to me @__@ !!

omg!!! i CAN’T wait for you guys to release this!!! kyah!

from the cover it seems interesting! <3

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