China Blue Jasmine


China Blue Jasmine
Title: China Blue Jasmine (チャイナ・ブルー JASMINE)
Creator: Kakinouchi Narumi (垣野内成美)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

From time immemorial, vampires inhabited the darkness. They were an immortal clan who shared the color of their iris with their partner… Until the appearance of the beautiful girl “Jasmine.” Both of her eyes glittered with blue sparks. She is a vampire too, but what is her goal?!

Dare to open the scroll with the legend of the beautiful dancer China Blue..!


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Jasmine looks like a vampire myu knock off …

Uwah! I love the art in this series but the plot itself is a bit confusing at times don’t you think?

I never knew Dahlia was more than a volume. I have Dahlia, Iron Cat’s release. It’s a single volume of three acts:
Act 1: Rainy Blood (short)
Act 2: Salome into the mist (longest, half of the book!)
Act 3: China Blue (quarter of the book)

… I’ll be more than happy to see more of Dahlia!

thanks for the release, but its too sad that your not gonna translate Dahlia especially since this is my favorite group. well its too bad i guess ill see if its released in the US when in like 4 or 5 years cuz im too young right now T.T

I love vampire series, thank you very much, look forward to reading more.

This is why Ae is a my fave shoujo group. Everytime I start wondering if they changed their taste, they hit me with some great manga, making me fangirl them again 😀

Thanks for China Blue~

Will you be doing more Narumi Kakinouchi stuff like..I dunno…Dahlia the vampire, Ruby Blood, Wrath Sweeper, Kyuuketsuhime Miyu, Kyuuketsuhime Yui or the latest new one Kyuuketsuhime? No, I’m not a Narumi fan, totally not, you are seeing things. 😛

I’m not sure about Dahlia and Kyuuketsuhime, but I know we’re/will be doing Ruby Blood and Wrath Sweeper. If you want the other to be scanlated, you can beg Mari there to translate. XDDDDDD

Mari here! XD
T1, the titles you want are either licensed or taken by other groups, but I am working (veeeeeeeeery slowly >.>) on Gogo Sanji no Mahou by this author.

Ahh, you are thinking of Kyuuketsuhime Miyu and Dahlia the Vampire. SSscans doesn’t exist anymore so nothing more from them anymore.

Kyuuketsuhime Yui: Kanonshou and Kyuuketsuhime (It’s a new ongoing one from 2009) hasn’t gotten licensed. Though it seems like Dango is working on Yui.

About the first two…well it was licensed by Iron Cat, but Iron Cat died out…after released only the first vol of Dahliah and some volumes of Miyu. The license automatically dies out when the firm does. I mentioned those since the end of China Blue, well, it’s the middle of Dahlia since they got their “meeting” in Dahlia’s story. So they all interconnect..what more can be fun that different stories from the same universe?

/me beg-…[italic]oh wait it’s a girl[/italic]…goes on knees, takes mari’s hand and begs:

“Moar sexy female vampires, please lovely maiden!!!”

*Squeeeeeeal* Lacaille, Bumblebea, Ruralade and Karen, I love you so muuuuuuuuch! I thought people had forgotten about this one. Thank you so much for the release! ^______^

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