Caramel Boy


Caramel Boy
Title: Caramel Boy
Creator: Morio Masami
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Ongoing
Genre: ,

Motoka lives next door to Kanota Shun, the boy who appeared in the hugely famous CM 8 years ago, “Caramel Boy,” and it turns out that she’s going to baby-sit him. However, the caramel boy who’s grown up a little bit isn’t sweet…And then, once again, Shun receives a request to appear in another CM…!!

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Already waiting for the scanlations for years :)

Howdy! Fantastic thought, but might this actually operate?

I love morio’s manga. Thanks a lot.

I love Morio-sensei’s work ^^
It’s always cheerful and deep ^^
Looking forward to it ^^

ohh..I’m Morio’s huge fan..
Waiting for it XD

:X love its, hope coming soon

waiting for another morio masami manga, her manga always touch my heart :) omake no kobayashi kun is one of my favorite manga :) its like reading chiken soup for your heart :)
i hope caramel boy have those kind of impact too :)

ahh, i’m looking for this manga
morio masami 😀

wa , morio masami’s manga :)

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