Cang Tian Zhi Qi


Cang Tian Zhi Qi
Title: Cang Tian Zhi Qi (苍天之祈)
English Title: Wishes of the Heavens
Creator: Nan Kong Yuu
Length: 2 volume
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , ,

An ancient longing that transcends heaven and earth

Shen Dai Village* – A place where heaven and earth cross paths.

For the villagers, once they reach the age of 16,they become eligible to take part in the Deity Representative Elections, to become Representatives for Deities in the human world.

In the Deity Representative Elections this time round, the Mountain Deity, Cang Qi, who was summoned with considerable effort, immediately elected Qian Shou as his representative upon appearing!
However, in that moment when Qian Shou saw Cang Qi, what were those images that flashed through Qian Shou’s mind…

*(Shen=Deity, Dai=Representative)


  • Chapter 001 – Being Translated

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Thank you a lot for this proyect! hope we can see it to the end with your hard work and effort

this sounds really good. i can’t wait ’til you scanlate it! <3

wow… hahaha.. is this chinese… or taiwanese???

thanks aerandria!!!

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