Butterfly Likes to Read


Butterfly Likes to Read
Title: Butterfly Likes to Read
Creator: Lin Min Xuan
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

In the ‘Dream Bookshop’ that specialises in antique books, there is a mysterious and beautiful shop mistress. If she recommends you a book, please do not reject her, because it is a love story that belongs solely to you—

The female protagonist, Xiao Deah*, received a wordless book here. This book caused a misunderstanding and now Deah is the pretend girlfriend of school idol and soccer captain, Hu Ke Jun?! Will Deah and Hu Ke Jun become a true couple?

This book also contains the new series from ‘Honey magazine, ‘Dragon Teases Phoenix Miraculous Love Fate’, which is a hilarious historical romance story not to be missed by shoujo fans!

*Xiao=Little, Deah=Butterfly


Chapter 001 – Being Edited
Chapter 002 – Being Edited
Chapter 003 – Being Edited

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Thank you so much Aerandria!!! I absolutly love looking through your releases, and I think that this one I will love just as much as the others!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

I loved every single word of this post !


OMG Aerandria!!!! I SOOO LOVE YOUR RELEASES!!!! And I bet I will love this one as well! Domo arigatou!

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