Bozu Love!!!


Title: Bozu Love!!! (ボーズラブ!!!)
Creator: Matsumoto Tomo
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Completed

Haruka-kun is the tall, strong and athletic newcommer at Yakugan temple, a place strictly off-limits for women. That, however, doesn’t seem to be a problem for the newcommer, especially after it becomes apparent that Haruka-kun is attracted to the chief priest who is not averse to Haruka-kun himself. Is a boys-love relationship Haruka’s great secret? Or is it something completely different? Find out in this temple-based love comedy series!


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  • Volume 01 Chapter 001 – Being Edited
  • Volume 01 Chapter 002 – Being PRed
  • Volume 01 Chapter 003 – Being PRed
  • Volume 01 Chapter 004 – Being PRed
  • Volume 01 Chapter 005 – Being PRed
  • Volume 01 Chapter 006 – Being PRed

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I would like to apply to be one the editor for this manga. I have a bit knowledge about Photoshop and I hope to help in this project :D

I would like to apply for editor. i have always been interested in these kind of things. my hobby is also drawning and currently i am starting on a professional training for media design, so i am always willing to learn a lot more and i am a fast learning person if i say so myself.

I would love to be trained for editor or any other job needed, because I have always wanted to help out with manga. Other than that keep up the great work and thanks for all the awesome mangas.

Hi, I’ve edited for about 5 months and I would really like to help! I am really good with english and grammar and editing so I would love to help!!

-Taylor (I’m also a cleaner if you need one)

I hope i can help with the editing ? I have experience with photoshop .

i would like to join as editor. i have basic knowledge about Photoshop and grapic works. and hope i learn more by working you guys.

wooow, I love the mangaka. can’t wait for this one! <3

I would like to apply for the position of editor for this manga. I have basic knowledge of Photoshop and I’m willing to learn more. Hope to hear from your group soon.

I can’t wait!! Thanks for picking this one up <3

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