Boku no Hane wa Kimi


Boku no Hane wa Kimi
Title: Boku no Hane wa Kimi
Creator: Kitagawa Yuka
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

“I’m glad that you’re the first person I fell in love with.”

All this time, Aki has harbored a one-sided crush for a boy she saw jumping higher than anyone else. During the spring when she’s in grade 9, Okumura transfered to her class. After seeing his jump, she has the feeling that he’s the boy she once saw, and she started to notice him more. And then, she heard an unbelievable rumor about him…

“No matter who you are, I will still love you for the rest of my life.”


None as of yet.

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haha yeah it seems to sound like hana kimi, but i’m looking forward to this series! sounds pretty good~

agreeing with daydeeb..
it does sound like hana kimi xD

The first part sort of reminds me of Hana Kimi… 😯

OMG. I am so happy you are scanlating this. I came across it a few weeks ago on MU and thought it looked really cute, so yay! Thanks so much. =3

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