Blue Ramun


Blue Ramun manga
Title: Blue Ramun (ブルーラムン)
Creator: Yuuki Riyou (有木涼)
Length: 3 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , ,

A girl named Jessie Jackson comes from a special tribe of Blue Ramun (Blue Blood). Their blood is used as medicine and healing agents for almost any sickness whether in its purest form or mixed in with other herbal remedies. As Jessie comes of age at 15, she must leave their tribe to help those in need and she is assigned to the Lezak district with the handsome captain named Eagle and happy-go-lucky doctor/priest Randy. As she is now alone without her tribe members with her, Jessie strives to fulfill the difficult task bestowed upon her, thereby learning the strength of not only her body, but her spirit as well.


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Reply to Jace – If you’re talking about the extra at the end of Chapter 15, the one that discusses Randy’s role as a priest, I think that the extra was set in a time prior to the conclusion of the series. So at that time, none of the love/confession stuff had taken place and so Jessie was still operating under the belief that Eagle didn’t see her as a love interest, etc. You’ll notice in Chapter 15, there is one frame where you see Jessie packing her doctor bag and to the side of the bag you see Eagle’s earring set aside on a special case or something.

My confusion was based at the very end of Chapter 15. Perhaps it just wasn’t clearly written – probably a ”lost in translation” thing (I am not casting aspersions on the translators abilities, I’m just thinking maybe the literal translation didn’t convey the same message it would have with a more colloquial approach? IDK, that’s my hope). After everything ends and eagle wakes up, etc. Jessie is walking through town and she says something about how the leader of the Blue Tribe was deeply affected by Zai/Rowan’s story and a lot of the punishments and imperial protocols were being reexamined. Is that the author’s way of tying up the story so that the readers know that Jessie and Eagle aren’t going to be a forbidden relationship in which Eagle will be punished (was it capital punishment?) for loving Jessie? That was unclear and I was surprised the author left such a huge loose end …

What do you think?

Other than that, Thank you so much, Aerandria!

Thanks thanks thanks a lot. I love you guys!!!

What beautiful artwork and wonderful romantic story. A Must read!! Anyone have any other suggestions that are like this??

Thanks For all the hard work Aerandria!

So Eagle never took off his black earing (the one he wore to mourn for his old wife)? That line Jessie said kind of shook me…

But thanks for translating this wonderful series! I really really really appreciate it! You guys always have the best manga :]


aw.. such a great story!tnx for the hard work guys! though it did not state what happens to eagle and jessie if they were married or whatever or discriminated by the people.. hehe anyway it’s wat the mangaka wants so i think i can’t oppose hehe besides it’s already a cimpleted series.. unless it has a sequel?haha hope 😛 😳 😮 😆 😀 😉 so.. in short cut.. tnx again! ^^

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