Blood Hound


Title: Yorugata Aijin Senmonten – DX (夜型愛人専門店−ブラッドハウンド−DX)
English Title: Blood Hound
Creator: Kaori Yuki (由貴香織里)
Length: One volume
Status: Completed
Genre: , , ,

Rion, an impulsive high school girl, goes to the host-club, “Krankenhaus,” in search of her missing friend. She thinks the host-club has something to do with the “vampire-murder cases” happening at the time, but Suou and the other hosts deny it. However, Rion remains skeptical. What kind of secrets are these host-club members hiding…


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Thank you so much for all your hard work! Especially for releasing better quality scans of Ch1-3! I hope you do more of Kaori Yuki’s work. ^_^

Oh man! This was amazing!!! Kaori Yuki never fails to impress! <3 Thank you for all your hard work, guys!

Am I the only one who read “host club” and “Suou” and immediately thought of Ouran?!?! Gonna check it out~

Thanks Aerandria <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Oh, happy surprise! Blessing on the finishers of languishing manga! Er, they are a bit longer, but Momogumi Plus Senki & Moonphase have been languishing post Tokyo-balloon-go-Pop… But I love y’all’s hard work no matter what projects you do.

If I could just get healthier I could help out… Your efforts mean a lot to this usually homebound ill one. Thanks again!

Ooooh, yay~ Finally it’s completed!? Yatta~! Now I can actually read the last two chapters and not just look at my Japanese book and go “Ooooh, I think that’s what happened?”
Thanks for your hard work! <3

yeih first one to comment :)

Well what can I say? I love >Kaori Yuki’s works 😉

Thanks Aerandria, for all your hard work !

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