Black Coffee


Black Coffee
Title: Black Coffee
Creator: Nakano Emiko
Length: Oneshot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

How does a girl declared by her childhood friend to be gloomy and anti-social transform into a cutie “as sweet as sugar” and every boy’s dream? And does every boy really dream of girls “as sweet as sugar”? Or is the rich and deep taste of coffee better than sugary glitter? The story of a girl who may not be sweet, but sure is as addictive as black coffee!


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thank you for you work!

WOOOO!! thank you for being born! and giving me the chance to view this wonderful manga. I am but a simple leecher~ but i am forever grateful <3

I always More than three you ~

thank you :)

*foams in the mouth* that was soo sweeet! :)

This was super cute. I loved the characters, and it was definitely funny. Thank you!

thanks so much for this one-shot! 😀

ohhh~ thanks! 😀 you guys should get online reader if you can 😉

thanks for all your hard work <3

Thank you.

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