Bitouna Koi


Bitouna Koi
Title: Bitouna Koi
Creator: Yuu Yoshinaga
Length: One Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

A boyish girl who hates coffee and a quiet guy who likes girly girls, or does he?


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Comments (24)

:O How can she hate coffee? Coffee is awesome <3 Loved this one-shot 😀

This one shot is a veeery good. Beautiful art and a sweet, not-so-cliche story^^

There’s another manga by the same author called “Yumemiru Taiyou”. I hope Aerandria will scanlate it in the future!^^

This sounds interesting~ Going to give it a try <333 Thank you!


thank you for the release. you guys are the best ^0^

awww … she’s such a cute tsundere … *huggles*

thanks for the release … :)

Woaaaa!!! Its very cute story. Thanks for release. ‘_<

sweet, cute and interesting. thank you aerandria. 😉

I completely agree, what a weird talent, well if it’s ok call it like that.

It’s a funny oneshot

thanks for the release :-)

Just how often does she practice? 😀

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