Barairo ma Hani La vie d’ amour


Rose Color My Honey
Title: Barairo ma Hani La vie d’ amour (薔薇色myハニー)
English Title: Rose Color My Honey
Creator: Ohmi Tomu (大海十梦)
Length: 3 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

At first, she might seem just a cute girl, pretty like a doll, but as soon as she opens her mouth, it becomes clear that she’s a really shrewd and independent girl! Her name is Koume and she has a “date with destiny!” She meets one very cool “tiger-master” and one very hot “tiger-tamer” and they are both handsome young men… But what is the truth about them?

Joint with Celestial Scans.


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excuse me, when I clicked the links for volume 1 chapter 3, and volume 3 chapter 12, there was said 404 not found, the requested file was not found on this server. it is such an unfortunate because it really is a great one.
however, thank you very much for the hardwork.


thankyouuuu !! i really love it !

Looks cute! Ill most def read it.
Thank you so much 😀

this was really cute and i enjoyed reading it.
thank you so much!

thank you so much for scanlating…

i’ll be reading them immediately.

thx again!!!

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