Babel no Tegami


Babel no Tegami
Title: Babel no Tegami
Creator: Asahina Shouko
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Even after all these years, you’re still the only one I think of… I’ll put all of my feelings into this letter for you.


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Comments (8)

Thank you, it was a great and touching story!

Also, I would like to add something about the mistakes.
Nyan said that borshch is russian soup. Unfortunately, I have to deny that 😀 I think it is widely known that borshch’s origin is Ukrainian. It might be popular in Eastern and Central European countries, but even wikipedia tells us that it is a soup of Ukrainian origin, so there was no mistake in its explanation in the manga.

I really liked the story. It was very touching.

Being Russian, it hurts my eyes, how many mistakes Asahina Shouko has made!! The story is beautiful though)))

Hi, I’m interested with your comment! xD
Could you please tell me the mistakes? xD

Yes, please tell us about them *-*

(I’m russian too) Some mistakes:
Mikhail – “Михаил”, not “Ниолаи” (but even this name was written with mistakes, it must be “Николай” – Nikolai, and they’re absolutely different names o_O)
Train – Поезд, not Лоезд (П=[P], Л=[L])
What was written in the newspaper is mostly untraslatable XD

XD And “borshch” (борщ) is russian soup (yes, I’ve red about bo… in the wikipediа)

But the story… yeah, it was really beautiful

Thank you so much for this wonderful bitter sweet story. While reading I was moved to tears. *sob*

It is true. “Pure love” is really wonderful but also so heart breaking sad.

thank you…so sad but beautiful story

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