Title: B-EYES (ブラック・アイズ)
Creator: Shiomi Chika (潮見知佳)
Length: 4 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , , , ,

In New York, behind all the hustle and bustle of the big city, Kazuya and Keith execute “requests” in order to live. No one knows about them. But what happens to people who look directly into Kazuya’s jet black eyes…?! For some reason, they start to change, little by little. The much-awaited first volume of a romantic horror between light and darkness.


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Comments (47)

thanks its a beatiful manga….very very excited

this was a FANTASTIC manga! i loved the drama,action, romance, relationships AND plot in it!thoughrouly enjoyable!

Seems really interesting! I love Chika Shiomi works like Cannon… Thank You so much for this!
Before I start reading i have a question!
Is this shounen-ai? I mean is the romance between the main guys? Because from the description i dont see any female! 😀

Love this so much. It’s a jumble of cute, exciting, poignant, sad and a tad unbelievable …. which it makes it so wonderful. Thank you

This series is wrongly tagged, it’s not shounen ^^;
It’s shoujo.

You can see it from the cover where it’s written(in Japanese) Hana to Yume COMICS, meaning this is published under the collection which publishes only manga from the Hana to Yume magazine, which is bonafide shoujo.

Just because it has action doesn’t mean it’s shounen. ^^;

thanks for the tip

I love Chika Shiomi!
I am so sad that this series is over TT__TT.
In all honesty, it seems like she rushed it near the end, but I still love it :)
I wish that this would be licensed so that I could buy it XD.

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