Title: B-EYES (ブラック・アイズ)
Creator: Shiomi Chika (潮見知佳)
Length: 4 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , , , ,

In New York, behind all the hustle and bustle of the big city, Kazuya and Keith execute “requests” in order to live. No one knows about them. But what happens to people who look directly into Kazuya’s jet black eyes…?! For some reason, they start to change, little by little. The much-awaited first volume of a romantic horror between light and darkness.


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Comments (47)

Awesome!! I really love this manga!!! This is my favourite manga.Thank You very much!!

I mostly read shoujo manga, and no really like the supernatural manga :*
But this story attracted me~~~
thx for sharing~~~

Wow! What a great manga…I loved it!
Thanks so much for bringing it to us!

I loved the series! ^__^

Lol @ aimichan

The power of positive thinking? XD

Thanks for finished this manga! I will continue to delude myself that it’s a KeithxKazuya story… the girl is like their daughter. Yup yup. It was an pretty and interesting story! =D

Thank you for completing this project. It was short, sweet and I’ll miss Kazuya and Keith. I would have loved for Keith to have had a extra backstory too… he kinda grew on me in the final chapters more ^_^

Thanks for all your hard work :)

thanx for completeing this project ^0^

Thank you so much! This is still one of my favourites! 😀

Wow, I love his manga so much. It;s going to end, I am looking forward to the final volume of this manga.
Thanks very much

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