Another Summer Knights


Another Summer Kishi\'s
Title: Another Summer Knights (アナザー・サマー・騎士’S)
Creator: Ooya Kazumi (大矢和美)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Natsumi Touma is sixteen years old. She began to work part-time at a coffee shop during the summer vacation when she was a first-year student of high school. However, the shop is a dubious place where Natsumi can see those who cannot be seen. Her inspiration gets stronger day by day at this spiritual place. There appears a very handsome savior.


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The first two stories were cute but I loved the last one best!! hahaha.. Now I’m yearning for cakes! Haha..

Ooya Kazumi is one of my favourites.thanks for this manga.i’ve seen the rwas and wanted to read it in english.thanks so much

I love Ooya Kazumi! Thank you so much for this release!

Great choice for a release. Thanks for a fun and enjoyable read! Loved the kiss in the last story. Totally HOT. XD (yum..)

really liked this manga!! thanks so much! 😀

YAy, I was waiting for this. Thanks so much. A Whole Volume for us. *Gives you all Big Squishy Hugs*

wow.. its been long time I read this creator.
The summery sounds very interesting.
Thanks again for this new manga.
Have a great week!!!

wow, such a cute story! its great. thanks!!!

thanks for all your hard work
This manga looks really cute 😀

hehe~ thanks for the release~!!~
such a cute manga ^^

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