Akuma ga Hareruya


Akuma ga Hareruya
Title: Akuma ga Hareruya (悪魔がハレルヤ)
Creator: Kikuchi Kamaro (菊地かまろ)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Dear God, there’s a super perverted and devilish guy in this sacred academy…! And yet for some reason, I can’t keep my heart from racing for him…Oh dear God, would you forgive me for falling in love with such an outrageous priest…?


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This is a really good manga. I really like it. Do you know which manga the recruit page comes from? it looks cute too.

Thank you for sharing this with us too! I really love this. it made me laugh my ass off for a while. lol

Thank you again!

*this is a must read short manga

Urm.. its my first time here.. and Wow.. i can jus directly read it from here? Cool.. Eeek..

should I read? looks good but u never know =P

Man this was hilarious XD

Thank you guys for sharing this with us :)

this seems like a good story should i read it xD?

Loved this manga, so damn hilarious!! too bad its only 4 chapters :/

thank u guys so much

its really adorable! and hilarious! XD why isnt there more love for this series? ;__;


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