Akazukin to Koisuru Ookami


Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami
Title: Akazukin to, Koisuru Ookami
Creator: Takamaru Kou
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Long ago, a witch named Red Ridinghood fell in love with a man named Wolf, but he broke her heart. She set a curse on their descendents… should a Wolf ever fall for a Ridinghood, they will turn into a wolf!


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thanks so much for this one-shot! *o*
it’s so adorable <333

Very cute, thanks for translating!

Thx for the One-shot is so cuute ^w^

thanks guys 😀

New releases always make me happy!

thanks for your hard work. =)


this is so adorable~! >.< thank you for putting this up!

thank you!!!!!!! ^^

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