Akai Ito


Title: Akai Ito
English Title: Red String
Creator: Tsukuba Sakura
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Amano fell in love for the first time while comforting her first love in a dark garden bathed in moonlight. She was a little girl and he was an older boy back then. She never saw him again after that fateful night. But after twelve years had passed, she sees him again in the same moonlight-bathed garden and he hasn’t changed one bit!


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Comments (18)

Thank you so much for another one-shot of Tsukuba-Sensei! :)

Thank you for this release ^^

thanks for this great release. i loved this one-shot and will definitely check out more from Tsukuba-sama. please keep up the great work!

mya, i really can’t blame for hiding him for a month!!
I’m just surprised u shared him with us! ^_^

You guys are the best!
thank you so much!

I love this mangaka, thanks for translating this and her other oneshots.

I love Tsukuba Sakura’s works. Thank you so much for releasing her works, and this was a beautiful story. I rather wish that she doesn’t use open endings so often in her works though ;_;

i really like reading mangaka… its like you fell the same way as the character in the story,,like falling in love, crying and become happy.. i really admire all the stuff and the author ok the mangaka,,, thank you for the wonderfull story.. hope u more blessing and more power to all of you…. ^_^

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