Aka no Haikyo


Title: Aka no Haikyo (赫の廃墟)
English Title: The Crimson Ruins
Creator: Ooki Bonta (おおきぼん太)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

I suddenly lost my parents. Without a single relative, I must return to my father’s birthplace, a village, where I can finish school. But I still cannot recover from the sadness. I am lost in doubts and insecurity. And then, on a mountain road, among the lush greenery, who do I chance to meet..?


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A big thank you to all the staff who work in this series and a complete volume , thank u Im really happy !!

nice manga~

it looks pretty good and mysterious… I see that it’s got a horror genre… hmm hopefully the horror isn’t that scary since I absolutely can’t stand scary stuff *whimpers* still, quite looking forward to it!

The cover looks so gorgeous !!, and the story has something mysterious, I like mysteries yeah!

I like it ! the plot is also interesting!

I can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!

OMG~~ Cant wait !! Looks nice !!

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