Adarshan no Hanayome


Adaru Shan no Hanayome
Title: Adarshan no Hanayome (アダルシャンの花嫁)
English Title: The Bride of Adarshan
Creator: Amekawa Kei, Kazato Nori, Momoki Sae
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

The small country of Adarshan was conquered by the Castoria Empire. To tie the alliance between the two countries, the victorious shogun, Alexid Deke Adars, was forced into a political marriage with Castoria’s sixth imperial princess, Justinia. But she’s only 10 years old…!

Joint with Starry Heaven.


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You guys are awesome! thx for all your hard work!

Thank you very much 😀

Thank u soooooo much!!!

this is soooo nice 😀
thanks for ur hardwork!!! u guys rock ^^

how can this series just finish? what happen next?

and Yes, thanks for the translation!

I really really like this series!!!
tottemo kawaiiiiiiiiiii deesssuuu ^3^

This is such an awesome series; cute and somewhat WAFF-y, yet also much more serious than I’d expected. Amazing job on this, guys! :)

i love this manga!! thanks for all your hard work!! the princess is so cute!! and i love alec!! thanks!!

It was so cute, I’d like to see more of this story for example six years laters… It was so warm.

This is such a cute series! I wondered at first if it would be a little bit sordid (since there’s a 10 year old wife) but the way they acted more like siblings was really nice! And the storyline was interesting too 😀 I wish there was more but it’s an adorable story anyway 😀 Thanks for all your hard work!

<3 this series. ty for translating and ur hardwork.

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