3 Hearts


Title: 3 Hearts
Creator: Ichinose Kaoru
Length: 1 Chapter
Status: One-shot
Genre: , ,

There are three unrivaled precious stones in the world, called the “3 Hearts.” They are utterly beautiful and utterly precious. They have passed through the hands of the rulers of all past ages and left behind a trail of numerous blood-soaked stories. At some point in time, there emerged even rumors that they possess magical powers. This is a story concerning one of these 3 Hearts…


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Comments (17)

it was a nice combination! the artwork was so beautiful and the story’s good tooo♥ ichinose kaoru amazing! thanks guys for the release!

Ichinose Kaoru’s style is so beautiful and detailed! I would have liked it to be a bit longer, but the ending is cute as it is.

how can i watch or read this anime ?
do i have to download it ?
if i have to i cant because my files r FULL @_@


You know it’s not an anime right? Only a one-shot

But definitely wasn’t expecting that twist! :3

Thanks for this one-shot! I love Ichinose Kaoru’s works!!

I love this one-shot!!!

AH!! A work by Ichinose Kaoru! I love her stuff! Thank you so much for introducing me to her works =)

WOW! Another wonderful story – wish it was longer! Thanks!

thank you…looks yummy

Legit, just finished this. Soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuutte!!!! I loved Gintonic!!! SOOOO HANDSOME!!!! And Razgoza is soo preetty!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!! Well, I love every manga I read, so it’s inevitable

just finished this, and it was awesome!! Thansk for scanning this, not only eye candy, but great story too hehe

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