3 Hearts


Title: 3 Hearts
Creator: Ichinose Kaoru
Length: 1 Chapter
Status: One-shot
Genre: , ,

There are three unrivaled precious stones in the world, called the “3 Hearts.” They are utterly beautiful and utterly precious. They have passed through the hands of the rulers of all past ages and left behind a trail of numerous blood-soaked stories. At some point in time, there emerged even rumors that they possess magical powers. This is a story concerning one of these 3 Hearts…


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Comments (17)

Great !! amazing history and draws

Amazing! Best oneshot Ive ever read. Definitely one of my favs :3

OMG! This was the best oneshot ever! Definitely my fav :3

You guys are amazing. Thanx for scanlating!

i really enjoyed this one shot but i wish it was longer but atlas i will have to just be content with my imagination for the rest

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