Pure-Gold Gentlemen


Pure-Gold Gentlemen
Title: Pure-Gold Gentlemen (纯金贵公子)
Creator: Yin Chen Yi, San Yue Tu
Length: 2 Volumes
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , ,

A super prestigious school that will make you jealous!

An impure student life is about to begin!

Cai Ying is ending her study tour in England with her good friend Gong Liang Hui, taking Elizabeth High’s ocean liner back to school. As she is ready to board the ship at the harbor, she bumps into a mysterious handsome man that is being chased—?!


Volume 01 – In Translation

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Im looking forward to the next chapter ! :)

Im looking forward to it as well!

Looking forward to how it turns out. ^^

whoa! looks interesting to me
especially the art
maybe the story is good

me is looking forward on it!

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