Otona no Shoumei


Otona no Shoumei
Title: Otona no Shoumei (オトナの証明)
Creator: Washio Mie
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Tsubaki always appears experienced, but actually, she has never had a boyfriend even though she’s already 16, and she’s a real baby. She wants to quickly increase her love experiences, and become an adult! One day, she got called out by her math teacher, Shiina-sensei, and she was told that she’ll have to take supplementary lessons. All alone in the math room with her teacher after school, Tsubaki’s heart beats like crazy when she sees that Shiina-sensei’s facial expressions are different from usual…?

Compilation of short stories:

  • Otona no Shoumei
  • Misshitsu no Toraware Hime
  • Oujisama no Manteau
  • Sakasama Message

Turned over to Shrine of Memories.


Chapter 001 – Scanned
Chapter 002 – Being Scanned

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I’m sure i will like this story…..Love this kind! > < I’ll be waiting!!

Ill be waiting!!! i love stories student – teacher

Student-Teacher relationships XD

Woww!This sounds rly interesting!!!I just love stories with teachers *_*
*don’t think that i’m a pervert u_ú*
well…i’ll be waiting for this =)

*puppy eyes*

the story seems interesting! X3

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