Hai ni Naru Made


Hai ni Naru Made manga
Title: Hai ni Naru Made (灰になるまで)
Creator: Sakurai Yuki
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: Shoujo, Romance

A collection of various one-shot stories.

A mannequin that stands all day inside a shop window dreams for something else than what she has. She dreams of her kind maker, the man who made her into the mannequin she is now and would she wished she could talk and express her feelings like normal people. But one day she gets damaged and thrown away in a back alley. A strange guy picks up her pieces and for a strange moment she feels that he can read her thoughts.

And the next day she gets her wish. She’s become human! Now she has to cope up with many things, including her growing feelings for the strange man who gave her life.

Joint with DaraDara Scanlations


Volume 01 Chapter 001 – Being Edited
Volume 01 Chapter 002 – In Translation

Turned over to Shoujo Crusade.


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i’m looking forward in reading dis manga.. hope i won’t be so busy dis coming days!


T_T *waves goodbye in tears

Wow, it sounds very interesting. I can’t wait to read the manga! Thanks for all your hard work!

sounds weird and extremly intresting just the way I like it ;D. Can’t wait. Thanx for all your hard work <3

this sounds so interesting ^^ and i like the cover (: thankyou for taking up this project~

oh? this is interesting! mannequin transformed human?! I’m so gonna read it! THANKS!

I’m so gonna read this the minute it gets released!! XDDD

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