Hi, this is craxx. I’m here, barely. As I’ve mentioned before, for those who read previous post, I’ll try during my free time to release whatever have left. We have raws and translations that our dear translators and scanners worked and to honor their hardwork, I’m thinking of finishing them. It won’t mean that I’ll be finishing the series, I’m just finishing whatever resources that have left. ^^ Til then, please put up with me and my boring posts. ^^


  1. D

    So glad to hear from you! I know that updates have to far and few in between and that it is inevitable as time goes on, everyone only gets more and more busy. While I truly miss the frequent updates from Aerandria (I love the mangas you guys choose!), I also understand everyone has a real life that they are responsible for. However, seeing the website down a few weeks ago still had me bummed out!

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