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We finally were able to have our host reinstate the website back again. We had to disable a lot of stuff because we’ll still be monitored for 24 hours to see if we’ve fixed the problem of overloading or not. So if you see some functions that are missing, don’t be surprised. The most important one that we disabled in the meantime is the download function.

We’ve disabled the direct downloads for now to stabilize the site so please don’t ask us why the downloads aren’t working. Go to our IRC channel ( to get the releases.

A few days of no downloads is far better than us having to move all our files and having the site offline if we overload again. Hopefully we can get everything back up soon.

Thank you for your patience.

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my deepest condolences :(
i’m not an irc user though, so i just waited and prayed so that ur malfunctions would be fixed…
looks like my wish is granted 😀
good luck and thanks guys!!

Wow, sorry that you’re getting such problems. :/ Even so, whatever you gotta do to keep your website up along with that sweeeet-o pic of the baby online! 😉

Personally, I prefer 4shared, mediafire, sendspace, bodango, and other non-“mega” download sites. ^.^

IRC of course is pretty problem-free once you learn it.

As always, Thank You so much for your hard work. Truly Appreciated!

damn, it’s always later i realize there was something nice written explaining the problem… sorry. cookies? *offer cookies to staff*
lydia’s idea of mirror link isinteresting, though.

I have had computer problems myself for a long time and didn’t realise you were having such trouble. I love this site and am so glad that you are still able to continue. I share internet and can’t use irc so I have always been grateful for your ddl section. We would use dl mirrors if that would help? I hope it’s all settled soon and thank you for a great site.

…aww, I can’t use IRC because this is the laptop of my dad (and he would kill me if I installed anything without his permission….wait, I can’t do it anyway ’cause I’m no admin…awww….*pouts*) and I never used IRC before, anyway.

I hope the download links are up sometime soon. Other than that, thanks so much for your hard, correct work *A*

Oh gosh I’m sorry! I had no idea if I would have know I woulnd’t bother. Sorry!

Hello! Um, quick question. I’m not exactly versed in IRC (read total noob); how does one get to the Aerandria channel? Is the channel only on a specific server? I downloaded software (Colloquy), but it doesn’t really explain how to navigate it very well.

Sorry if this question is too complicated to answer. *sigh* Maybe I should just wait for the download links to go back up. :( Anyhow, thanks for all your amazing hard work and congrats on your little gift from heaven!

To use colloquy under click new connection when this pops up put in your nickname, server protocol: IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Chat click connect. Then click join room in the chat room section type aerandria and that should take up there hope this help. 😀

Thank you for recovering the website. Hope that the site will be stablise soon. =]

Aw! Thank god you guys are back up!
I was almost throwing a fangirl fit T.T

Thanks a ton for running such a great site, and providing us with the bishiest scanlations out there! 😀

oww, sorry for not knowing this news and asking for the download links >.<
btw, thanks for the hard work from aerandria staff :DDD
hope this site will back to normal soon

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