Open Positions


  • Do you love Aerandria’s releases?
  • Do you want to help us bring even more releases to manga fans?
  • Do you have Japanese/Korean/Photoshop skills?
  • Do you have some free time, and want to use that free time on something productive?

If you’ve answered yes to the questions above, please consider joining our team! ^_^ We have a lot of projects that we plan to work on, and more staffers are always welcome. Here is a list of the positions available, for people who are interested:

  1. Japanese translators:
    We need Japanese translators for Rouge Noir, as well as various oneshots. You can also suggest a title for us to pick up if you’re willing to translate it ^_^ The deadline for translators is two weeks per 50-page chapter.
  2. Korean translators:
    We need one Korean translator for a new series, A Princess and a Bum. The deadline is two weeks per 50-page chapter.
  3. Raw scans cleaners (aka Preppers):
    We still need more raw scans cleaners. These people make the job of editors/cleaners/cloning ninja a lot easier, and we love our preppers ^_^ The normal deadline for preppers is one week per 50-page chapter, but if you can’t meet this deadline, we have a lot of oneshots with a two-week deadline.
  4. Editors/Cleaners/Typesetters/Cloning Ninja:
    We have around 20-25 volumes of translated manga that just need to be edited and QCed before they can be released. For that, we need your help (: If you’re not familiar with editing, but you’re willing to learn, feel free to drop by our IRC channel (#aerandria at irchighway)–we’ll always be there to help. The turnaround deadline for editors is two weeks per chapter, and for cleaners/typesetters/cloning ninja is one week per chapter.
  5. Scanners:
    Last but not least, we need more scanners ^_^ If you have the books for any of the projects in our list, or if you’re willing to buy some of these books for us, we’ll be eternally grateful to you _(_ _)_ Also, if you have scans of projects that aren’t in our list, you can suggest us to pick up that title, as long as another group isn’t working on it, and it’s not licensed in English. We’re also looking for scanners who subscribe to magazines such as Hana to Yume, Lala, Lala DX, Betsuhana, Betsucomi, Petit Comic, and Melody. And if you have scans of old oneshots from certain authors (listed in our Wanted section), please let us know–we’d love to work on those oneshots (:

Thank you for reading! Please use our Contact form to apply if you’re interested in any of these positions ^_^

Comments (2)

Hi. Um. I’ve always admired Aerandria, and I’m looking at the positions open here. You say you have sooo many volumes of un-editted and qc-ed.
I’ve never tried editting or qc-ing before. I don’t mind trying out, if that’s what you call it. I’m learning Japanese, so I think I can help out just a little bit. My first language is English and I’m pretty good at it, anyway. IF I can help you guys out, I’d be more than happy to editting or qc-ing. You have my email, I think so feel free to contact or message me. 8)

i had been reading your wanted section a lot of times. and i’m really really glad for your hard work. i would really like to help you, but the problem is, that i have no photoshop, and the only thing i would be able to do is typesetting. if there are other ways like paint? i’d like to help you. if photoshop is needed then i want you to know, that there are people out there who are willing to help, but don’t have the equipment or knowledge to do so. 😀
on this way: thank you for your hard work.