Midnight Secretary Farewell


The End of Midnight Secretary (Message from the series’ translator, Mari)

Yes, I know when you hear it from me you can’t believe it, but it’s true. And since Lacaille and I are the only two staffers who suffered through ALL 34 chapters and 3 extras (*cough* and I begged Lacaille to let me announce it *cough*), here it goes – we give you the last chapter of Midnight Secretary!

*waits until the stampede is over and continues with the speech* It’s a really special manga for me because it was the reason I got to know Lacaille and later – come to Aerandria. We were all very happy to see everyone loved MS so much, but scanlating such a popular manga turned out to be a real pain sometimes. I remember getting up at 6 in the morning to finish a chapter before going to lectures. Most of the editors have their own versions of the “MS syndrome,” too. XD Especially the last several months were very hard for everyone on the staff and I was even on the verge of quitting MS and all, but I pulled myself together and made it all the way to this last chapter!

I’d like to thank all other brave and dedicated staffers who worked on Midnight Secretary with me – Andi, Asahina, Claymaven, Kalidava, Karen, Lacaille, Lillazza, Lysabelle, Mira, Mirai, Nix, P-chan, Sakiera, Seventhmoon, Shadow Chick, Marcy and TalonDemonKing! Thank you! *glomps everyone*

And you, dear fangirls and fanboys, do NOT commit any suicides over the end of MS! Instead try out any of our other series! *hint-hint*

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The first manga that i read was scanslated by you guys.I truely owe my most amazing manga experiences to you people.MIdnight Secretary was really gripping.I love you guys. With all the best wishes!

this series was just amazing because i was obsessed with it all this week. I kept telling all my friend about it and reading chapters until my mom started to shout at me to go to bed because it was to late and everything :))
Anyway. Thank you so much for MS. It was extraordinary!!!
p.s.: a second story about the vampire child could be amazing too;

i would never even THINK about doing such a long project!!! thank u SO MUCH for putting in the time and effort to complete this series!!!! me and lots of other people LOVED it , we will be looking forward to your upcoming projects!!!

thank you so much for your hard work! I loved reading the manga and I appreciate the long hours you put into translating it! Thanks so much and continue your fabulous work!

i really love reading MS…thank u guys for translating it…hey I’m reading MS.


I came to know Aerandria through MS… It’s definitely one of my very favourite mangas!! ^^
Thank you sooooooo much for your hard work! You’ve made more happy people that you can imagine!! Keep on, you staff rock!
Aerandria has become my paradise!! Thx ^///^

Thanks !!!

I <33 this manga

great work !

just few days ago i was readin MS (again……………….) u did great job. thx so much, i no that u worked hard.
otsukare :)

you know after I read MS a few years ago..I can’t still forget the story..so sweet yet so *faints*:))=)) because of MS I became a fan of AERANDRIA’s work:) share:) thanks again for the hardwork:)

A million thanks for the hardworking staff who made the extra sacrifice of finishing this wonderful manga! We just want you to know that we are very much grateful for your scans! Love yah all! Thanks! Thanks!

= MS made me cry so much that it got dried up. Can’t cry now….

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