Hachimitsu and Kaizoku


We finish the third volume of Hachimitsu no Hana today and since we’ll be waiting for volume 4 to come out, we’ll be starting on a new series by the same author, titled Kaizoku to Ningyo. As of the date of this posting, there are not enough new chapters of Hachimitsu yet to complete a new volume (only 3 new chapters out so far). Plus the mangaka is currently also concentrating on Kaizoku to Ningyo so we’ll just be having the Hachimitsu staff work on Kaizoku while waiting for a new Hachimitsu volume (which I know they’ll be excited about ^^).

Also, Kaizoku will be a joint between us and Osuwari team~

– Posted June 25, 2009

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-bows deeply in thanks to aerandria-

wuuuu im excited thanks soo much =D luff luff you guys sooo much

Uwah, can’t wait to read the new project! <33

This looks like it will have some shounen-ai elements in it???

Erm… she was so excited she died? :O

Wow! I’m so happy :) I have seen the cover earlier on manga-updates and was totally captivated by it, so I’m really happy that you are picking up this series :) but also a bit sad, that there won’t be new chapters of Hachimitsu…

Why dead? :O




_(_ _)_ <—- dead

omg! the new manga is bound to be good too! i hope she doesn’t abandon hachimitsu though, like what happened with the thousand years of snow / ouran host clob predicament 😛

kyah!!! the pirates!!! hahahaha

I haven’t read Hachimitsu so I guess I’ll go download and read it now. I didn’t do it before because it was too long and I didn’t have enough time.


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