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Happy New Year!

Happy new year, everyone! How’s everyone doing all these years? Real life got to most of us as you pretty much know.

I strongly missed our old website. I wish I could put things back like they were. And I’m thankful to Lacaille for at least setting this up. It’s been so long since I opened Aerandria’s emails. One quiet night, I had the urge to open it. As I went quickly through all the emails, staff applications, random questions, asking when we will come back, asking for releases, and what not and there were two emails from our new recruited staff (which not new, it was almost a year ago or was it two years ago? Lol) that sent me their completed edited chapter. It was so perfect that I thought these should be released to thank for their hard work. As to if we’re back, I’m still unsure. My goal for now is to release what’s already been edited. Next release? I’m still unsure, too, maybe next year? HAHAHAHA.

So here I am! I’m not sure if you guys still remember me or not. 😀 But here it is, one of the chapter that I barely managed squeezed in my time to QC, assembled the pages together and zip it! (Good gosh, I can’t believe I can still do it but times 3 slower >.>) –craxx


Chikutaku Bonbon ch 8


Ohh~ What’s this?

Currently putting back things as they were~ 🙂 Patience, everyone~