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So, are you thinking of joining our fabulous scanlation team? If you could please go to our Contact Page and fill it out with the following information, we’ll get back to you asap:

Name: obvious
Contact Info: obvious
Position: Editor, etc.
Experience: Have you edited/translated before? How long have you been learning/speaking the language? Any other relavent information.
Project: Is there a certain project you’re interested in doing?

And these are the scanlation jobs we have here in Aerandria, in the order in which they work on the releases:

1. Scanner (or raw provider):
Scanners must have access to Japanese/Chinese manga books or magazines that we’re willing to work on, and to a scanner capable of producing high resolution scans. Raw providers supply manga that has already been scanned (for example, found on the internet), but we prefer scanning titles exclusively for our use.

2. Translator (Japanese or Chinese):
Translators need to have a simple image-viewing program (for example Windows photo viewer or Irfan view) and simple text-editing program (for example Notepad). They must be fluent in Japanese/Chinese and English and provide an English text file with translation.
Japanese translators can also request a title that they want to translate and we will provide the raws for them.

3. Proofreader (English):
Proofreaders need to be perfectly fluent in English and knowing some Japanese/Chinese is a bonus. They correct the translation so that it has no errors of any kind and make sure it flows logically and naturally. They need the same programs as Translators.

4. Cleaner:
Cleaners receive image files from the scanner (or sometimes typesetter) and remove all Japanese/Chinese from them. They need to have Photoshop (or similar image editing program), to be good with cloning and sometimes redrawing. A cleaner doesn’t need to be good with using fonts.

5. Typesetter:
Typesetters need to have Photoshop (or similar image editing program) and to be good with using fonts. They receive both the translation text file and the scanned images, and then copy-paste the English words into the correct places, appointed by the English script. A typesetter doesn’t need to clean or redraw.

6. Full editor:
Full editors need to have Photoshop (or similar image editing program). They receive the scanned images and the English translation and do both cleaning and typesetting. (See above.)

7. Quality Checker:
Must have Photoshop (or similar image editing program) and be very fluent in English (knowing some Japanese/Chinese is a bonus). They check the work of all previous positions for any language or editing mistakes and make sure the chapter/volume is up to Aerandria standards. They must pass both the Proofreader and Full Editor tests with flying colors.

If the position you’re interested in was announced as open in the last update post, please use the Contact form to apply. We’re looking forward to having you on our team. ^^