IRC Guide

This page is to help you learn how to download releases from our IRC channel at irc://

  1. Go and download this FREE IRC client, Sysreset. It’s free and you don’t have to pay even after the 30-day trial.
  2. There are many guides online on how to install and connect to IRC. Here are a few of them:
    1. IRC Newbie Guide
    3. A Total Newbie’s Guide to Using IRC
    4. The IRC Beginner’s Reference
    5. A beginner’s guide to IRC
  3. Once connected to IRC (make sure you choose as your server), you can join the Aerandria channel by typing /j #aerandria and pressing Enter on the command line.
  4. It’s common courtesy to greet the users while you’re there. ^^
  5. Now, how do you get to download the chapter you want? Go to your web browser and type Go to the Bot Lists in on the top left, and then click Boink.
  6. Boink is the bot that serves all of Aerandria’s releases. Once you’ve clicked Boink you’ll be shown a list of all the files available to download from our IRC channel. Or you can just do a Search in the search box for the title you want. Pay attention to the Pack # and Chapter Name.
  7. For example, you want to download Ludwig Kakumei chapter 11. Find the Pack # of that chapter (at the time of this writing, the pack # for that chapter is 91) and take note of it.
  8. Go back to IRC and type this on the command line: /MSG Boink XDCC SEND # where ‘#’ is the Pack # of the chapter you want. So if you want to download chapter 11 of Ludwig Kakumei, you type in /MSG Boink XDCC SEND 91 in the command line and hit Enter.
  9. The chapter should start Downloading automatically.
  10. Downloaded files can be found on the Downloads folder under your IRC installation folder.
  11. REMINDER! Pack #s change every time so it’s a good practice to visit the Boink pack list first to get the pack #.


Or if you don’t want to install…

Or if you don’t want to install any program AND you only want to chat with us, bug us, train with us:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. In the IRC server drop down menu, choose IRChighway.
  3. Choose a nickname for yourself in the Nick area.
  4. In the Channel field, type #aerandria
  5. Press Go and you’ll instantly be connected to our IRC channel where you can chat with the other stalkers members!