If the question you want to ask is not here, please submit it via the Contact page or better yet, go to our Forums for the fastest response.

When will you release the next chapter of [manga title here]?
Don’t expect any polite reply from us with this kind of question. Most especially if these kinds of questions come from people who do not help in any way with regards to the making of the releases, otherwise known as ungrateful leechers. >[ Want to help? Practice, practice then practice some more to become an editor for Aerandria! We do these in our free time and that means there isn’t an exact date or frequency for our releases. Comments/emails asking about this will be automatically deleted. If you want faster releases you can help us by joining our staff.
Do you scanlate licensed manga?
No, we won’t scanlate a manga into a language it is already licensed in.
What exactly does a translator/editor/cleaner/typesetter/proofreader/QCer do?
See this link for more info.
May I host your projects on my site/forum/etc?
As of Jan. 12, 2008, we’re ceasing to give permission to other sites to host our releases. Why? Because there’s already too many of them out there! What’s the point in having 50 or more sites hosting the same releases?

For sites what we’ve given permission to before the above date, you will still be able to host our releases provided you still follow our guidelines below:

  1. When the manga becomes licensed, please stop hosting it.
  2. Link back to us.
  3. Give us a 1 week grace period (AKA don’t post our releases until a week after we release them.) This is so that visitors can visit our site for the latest releases.
  4. Keep the credits page and do not alter the scans in any way.
  5. Sites who force users to ‘donate’ for premium status or any status, so they can download manga are forbidden to host our releases.
Why do the “Read [Series] online here!” link to batoto not have the most recent chapter?
For batoto’s online reader, our specific policy with them is a 36 hr delay. After 36 hours the chapter should be available. If a series does not have a link to online reading that means there were other conditions preventing it from being uploading. E.g. licensed/joint partner doesn’t allow uploads to online readers and so forth.
Are you open for joint scanlation projects with another team?
Ask us via the Contact Form, or poke us in our IRC Channel (#aerandria).
Can I request a manga title for you to scanlate?
That depends on a few factors. One, if the manga isn’t licensed in English. Two, if we have scans of the manga you want, or we have a hardcopy of it. Three, if there are staffers willing to work on it. Lastly, if it’s not being scanlated by anyone else. A good idea is to post your request at the Requests Sections of the forum.
What are the various status that are listed beside each chapter? Which comes first or last?
Here are the status and order in which each chapter status is display:

  1. Being Sourced – We’re currently looking for a copy of that chapter/volume.
  2. Being Scanned – We’re still scanning the manga.
  3. In Translation – the chapter is currently being translated
  4. Being Proofread/PRed – the chapter is currently being checked for spelling errors, grammar and missing stuff
  5. Being Edited – the chapter is currently being cleaned and typesetted
  6. Being QCed – the chapter is currently being checked for errors in translation, proofreading or editing
Can I retranslate your scanlations to another language?
Depends. We only give out permission to one group per language. So whoever asks us first about translating to another language will be given permission. Here are the languages that our scans will be translated to: French, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Czech.
Also, a few guidelines:

  1. Our credits page and recruitment page will be included for each of your
  2. On YOUR credits page, the scanner should the the name of OUR scanner, and
    the editor should be the name of YOUR editor WITH the name of OUR editor
    (since we cleaned and stuff), and the translator should be the name of YOUR
    translator WITH the name of OUR translator (since you’re going to translate
    to [language here] using OUR translations)
  3. Link to our website on each of your project pages that uses our scans.

As of July 19, 2008, we no longer accept request for retranslations of our scans in another language. Too many people have abused it.

What’s an IRC-only release? And how do I get it?
Read our IRC Guide.
What do you mean when you say that a series is tentatively completed?
It means that there are currently no new chapters released in Japan although the series isn’t officially considered a completed series yet. This might be due to a mangaka being on hiatus, a chapter being released only once every year or even the series itself being on hiatus.
One of your download links in broken! What do I do?
If the link is hosted on the Divshare server, please wait a few hours because they do have regular server maintenance. If it doesn’t work after a few hours, try again after two days. If that still doesn’t work, contact us.
What series is the Recruitment page from?
Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume
What series is the image for your first Anniversary image come from?
Read here.
Why do you sometimes have IRC-only releases for a manga chapter?
All really popular series are released on IRC first because the number of times we hosted them on the site, our website crashed because there were too many people downloading at the same time! ^^ Don’t worry though. The direct link will be posted on the this site for download at least 24 hours after the IRC release.
I can’t open a release because it says it’s in .RAR format. What do I do?
Download and install Winrar. It’s free. Another alternative is 7zip.
I emailed you and you didn’t reply back! Why?
Several reasons:

  1. If you’ve emailed us an application to be a staff then we definitely replied to you. We reply to ALL applications. Please check your Junk folder just in case.
  2. If you’ve asked us about something already answered in this page, then we won’t bother replying.
  3. If you’ve asked us about a status of a project and when it’s going to be released, then your email has been dumped in the trash as soon as we read it.
  4. If you’ve emailed us with nothing but a showcase of your childishness, then expect no reply from us. We have better things to do with our time, like creating scanlation releases and having a life.
When will the next chapter of Midnight Secretary be released?